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02/04/09 10:53 PM #1    

Kelly Stahl (Winter)

Welcome to the Exeter Union High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/10/09 01:29 AM #2    

Charish Pyatt (Awad)

I'd like to thank you Kelly for putting all of this together.

I'd also like to say, how helpful it is that you decided to put our high school pics for each of us on our profile. It's been so long, it's nice to be able to put a face to the name.

I missed out on the 10 year reunion (didn't know about it). I guess it's easier now with today's technology to find people, and share info.

Anyway, I sure hope to be able to make it to this reunion, and hope everyone will make an effort to re-introduce themselves, as we have all changed so much, we could very likely not know who everyone is.

Anyway, thanks again, for all your work on this. ;-)

06/12/09 06:35 PM #3    

Robin Hardiman (Mackey)

What happened to Jason Thompson and Karl Karsten? I'm just so shocked! I don't know what to say or think!

06/22/09 09:51 AM #4    

Maricela Santos

First of all, thanks a lot for doing such a fabulous job organizing the website. What a genius idea of matching names and photos, it really helps because my yearbook is somewhere in my mother’s garage.
I can’t believe it’s been 20 years…sure doesn’t feel like it!

I missed the 10th reunion, so I’m looking forward to it.

07/20/09 09:25 PM #5    

Amy Benz (McDonald)

Kelly, I want to say Thank You as well for all your hard work, and to those helping you. I also didn't know about our 10th reunion. I kept wondering if our class would EVER have one. So this is Wonderful! I look forward to seeing everyone who is able to make it this time around.

07/20/09 11:35 PM #6    

Nash Jacquez

Where the heck is all the guys from Farmersville?If anybody knows someone that hasn't filled out their classmate profile that still keeps in contact with them kindly encourage them to do so.

08/04/09 12:45 AM #7    

Kelly Stahl (Winter)

Thank you for the Thank Yous! It really has been my pleasure. Some other thank yous go to (Er)Linda Cobarruvias, who has been instrumental in secretarial duties, co-webmastering with me, and the printing and design of our invitations & whatnot. Matt McEwen has been a great Leader and has offered wonderful counsel in decision making and has been a great guiding resource for our committee.

We really do hope that this website will continue to be a resource for our class to keep up to date on one another throughout the years. We also are working hard to put on a great reunion for us to get together and catch up! Can't wait!

Kelly (Stahl) Winter

08/12/09 09:47 PM #8    

Karla Hoffman (Dreier-Gligoor)

I have to say whoever had the idea to include the CD in the invitation, that was a GREAT idea! It took me back to highschool days! I've been listening to it all day!

08/17/09 12:50 PM #9    

Katy Stever (Harper-Onstott)

Hi all: The committee is to be congratulated on all their hard work - I'm really looking forward to the reunion. If the prep work is any indication, the reunion should be fabulous! I'm a little disappointed that more of our classmates haven't been found, but I know we all scattered like seeds in a wind storm following school!

08/18/09 10:09 PM #10    

Woody Laughnan III

I was going to leave a note wherein I slam everyone for their religion, gender, and race...

08/18/09 10:09 PM #11    

Mike Mason (Booth)

just an idea, how cool would it be to invite any of our teachers if their still around. i'm sure they would love to here how we turned out.

08/19/09 07:20 AM #12    

Nadine Lopez (Perez)

In response to Mike Booth: I think it would be cool to invite the teachers that are still teaching at EUHS. Just saw Mr. Garver Monday night at Back to School Night. He's changed...only a few of the teachers we went to school are still there. Good idea Mike. Oh an obviously at no expense to them I'm sure there will be enough food to feed just a few more mouths at no cost to anyone. (The teachers and their spouses of course)

08/23/09 04:52 PM #13    

Sheila London (Ziegler)

Has anyone thought about expanding the "In Memory" pages to include teachers? I know Mr Salamack is gone now. I used to run into him at the Post Office all the time when I lived in 3 Rivers.

09/03/09 06:22 AM #14    

Lori Finster

Thank you to the reunion committee. You created a special evening and I thank you.


09/03/09 06:51 PM #15    

Robin Hardiman (Mackey)

I just looked at the pictures of the reunion... It looks like all of you were having so much fun!! I wish I could have been there! Seeing all of those familiar faces with those familiar smiles brought back so many memories. How about a Quarter Century Reunion?... A little too soon after this reunion to be thinking about that right now I Anyway, I'm looking forward to at least seeing more pics.

09/11/09 08:50 PM #16    

Amy Benz (McDonald)

The reunion was so worth going to! I loved seeing all of you. And yes, I still dress as corny now as I did in High School. Aw well, some things just do never change. Do they?

03/14/10 11:51 PM #17    

Amy Benz (McDonald)

It's March 15 at 12:49am, I just updated my profile and was looking through our website to catch-up. I hope everyone is well.

03/22/10 07:07 PM #18    

Kim Mayabb

Yes, Ofelia, some of us still read the posts. I don't respond much, but I do like to pop over and see what's new every now and again. :) So keep posting.

12/20/10 03:13 PM #19    


Ofelia Martinez (Armendarez)

Happy New Year everyone. 2013 has come at us very fast so I just want to wish everyone a great year!  God bless all of you and your beautifual families this year and always!!!!



12/16/11 01:17 AM #20    


Erlinda Cobarruvias

Hello Everyone! I hope that the end of 2011 finds you all doing well.  Since our 20th class reunion, I have tried organizing gatherings for everyone..."Gathering of the Minds" as I've come to call them :) It's been a while since I planned one but I hope to organize one for sometime in January.  We usually meet somewhere in Exeter at around 6pm.  Please let me know if you're interested in joining us for the next one.  We do always have lots of fun catching up and remembering the good old days.  I look forward to seeing more of you there.  When I set a date, I will post it here and on Facebook (if you're a member of FB).  Take care and hope to see you soon! :)

Linda Cobarruvias smiley

11/10/15 04:58 PM #21    

Lee Gong


03/12/19 10:48 PM #22    


Erlinda Cobarruvias

Hello fellow classmates!  We are gearing up for the 30th reunion....30th!!! Crazy how time flies.  I can't wait to see everyone there!  We will have more information really soon.  Please spread the word and please be sure to update your profile here. 

03/15/19 01:14 PM #23    


Lalo Banuelos

30th Reunion, I don't know how that is possible since I'm only 38 years old.  I think you guys are moving the clock up every year.  We need to move it backwards and not forward.  I can't wait to see all of you at our 30th Class Reunion, when and where, hopefully we'll know soon.  If you need Matts number let me know because I found it and I can hand it to everyone, hahaha.  In the meantime, please everyone enjoy life and be happy.  

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